Greetings, and welcome to my webpage!

My name is Vincent Liao. Since transferring to UCSB, I’ve grown to love the people and the diversity that the school has to offer. I’m currently enjoying my last quarter here. I’ve shown an interest towards writing since elementary school; I personally use writing as an outlet for my thoughts, as it is a perfect middle-ground between hotheaded talking and suffocatingly keeping my thoughts to myself. In addition, I also have an appreciation for a cohesively designed document, whether it appears as a menu, a brochure, or a webpage. Recently, I got the pleasure of combining these two interests together, and put it to use in my current writing class. Within other tabs of this webpage, you will find recent classwork and projects that I believe are relevant to my writing and multimedia experience. I am thankful for the opportunity to improve upon these skills and receiving feedback along the way, and excited to utilize these newfound skills beyond the classroom environment.

Where it all started

When I was little…

My entrepreneurial spirit started off as early as 9 years old, when I made my first “sale”. My obsession with automotive design was in full swing (it still is) and I was showing a promotional brochure of a 2004 Toyota Sienna I requested online to my relatives. I made sure to list out how much space it had, the technology it packed, and how sleek it looked for a minivan. Seriously, who doesn’t love machine-finished alloy wheels?

A couple of weeks later…

they bought the car. My aunt bought the minivan I had gushed over an hour about. Even now, she still teases that I’d talked her into buying a car (my parents bought a Honda Odyssey about a year later). She may not see it as a big deal, but little does she know, her purchase changed my life: it made me realize that my thoughts and words had weight. That day, I learned how gratifying it is to use my knowledge and eloquence to impact the decisions of those around me.

Beyond the Professional Writing Minor

I often hear the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”, but rarely do I ever hear the remaining part of the figure of speech, “…but still better than a master of one”. As a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts degree, I strive to maximize my impact while at University of California, Santa Barbara. Through my internship, extracurricular activities, work, and area of study, I believe immersing myself in more than one area of interest will make me a more well-rounded candidate.

In addition to merely being an Economics and Accounting major, I have been working as an accounting office assistant at the University Center for the past year. I am responsible for consolidating accounts receivable, accounts payable, and audit information, in addition to processing new invoices into the computer database. I am especially proud that I singlehandedly restructured the physical invoice database across multiple departments. This helped speed up the location, storage, and categorization of all invoices, which further maximizes the efficiency of the office as a whole.

I take advantage of my position as Publicity Chair in my fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, to hone my skills with graphic design and multimedia communication. I have experience with Adobe InDesign, Publisher, and Illustrator. Prior to my occupancy of the position, Publicity Chairs of the past were not delegated as many responsibilities. I helped implement new publicity strategies and redefined responsibilities of position, in addition to designing fliers for rush, philanthropy, and fundraising events. My most recent projects include redesigning the watermark for promotional materials as well as creating the fraternity’s business card. 



Let's Get Personal!


Music helps me understand my feelings when I can’t even begin to describe them in words. Some of my favorite artists include LANY, Coldplay, and Gryffin. My all-time favorite song, however, is "Boston" by Augustana.


I am a huge fan of cars, especially in their design and technology. Having visited websites like CarandDriver and MotorTrend since I was eight years old (back when dialup was still a thing), I can name the make and model of a car, down to a what years that model was produced, just by looking at a part of the dashboard, headlight, or other trivial part of the car.


Samoyeds are my weakness. I've infamously turned my bike around just to pet a Samoyed puppy. The owner was quite alarmed at first...


I'm a huge foodie. One of my favorite things to do is finding a restaurant my friends and I haven't tried yet, and going there. I am proud to call myself a Yelp Elite for the third year in a row!


Other Fun Facts

Myers-Briggs Type: INFP
Favorite quote: “Moments have passed, memories do last.”
Favorite place I’ve been to: Banff, Alberta


  • The front and back of the business card I designed for my fraternity, using InDesign